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Research Interests

My broad research interests lie at the intersections of Information and Communication Technologies towards Development (ICTD) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). I am currently interested in "Responsible Technologies": technologies which ensure responsible outcome for its users and for society. A lot of my current research is focused on documenting technologies which lead to irresponsible outcomes, and on sense-making of people's behaviour on online platforms.
Potential researchers, collaborators and funders who believe that technologies should be responsible towards the users and society, please drop me an email at
My PhD research has mostly revolved around using technologies to improve government accountability. My thesis synopis is here and my PhD thesis can be found here.

Funded Projects

  • GIZ - Gram Vaani Research Award: Design, development and project management support for two AI-based dialogue systems (e.g. voice-based chatbot) in Indian languages, total outlay: ₹5,820,468, BITS share: ₹896,000 (1 year)
  • SERB Power Research Grant (Co-PI): Data driven Multimodal System for Academic Stress Detection Management in Indian Universities (ARU), ₹16,58,316 (3 years)
  • ASCRIN Funded PhD Scholar: Building Actionable and Smart Information Systems for Migrant Workers in Smart Cities, in collaboration with La Trobe University, Melbourne, Austria
  • BITS Pilani Research Initiation Grant 2020: Conversational Information Systems for low text-illiteracy contexts, ₹200,000 (2 years)
  • UNDP Innovation Facility 2017 (during PostDoc at Gram Vaani): Understanding and improving the efficacy of the government led grievance system in Chattisgarh, ₹2,960,000 (1 year)
  • IIT-Google Pilot Programme 2015 (during PhD): Using mobile phones to improve implementation of government schemes, ₹500,000 (2 years)


For an updated list of publications, please visit my Google Scholar Page
  • "Anurag Aribandi, Divyanshu Agrawal, Dipanjan Chakraborty. Note: Poster: Evaluating Trust in the Context of Conversational Information Systems for new users of the Internet. To Appear in ACM Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS) 2022.
  • "Rushabh Musthyala, Rudrajit Kargupta, Hritish Jain, Dipanjan Chakraborty", Note: ReGNL: Rapid Prediction of GDP during Disruptive Events using Nightlights. To Appear in ACM Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS) 2022.
  • "Mrunal Dhaygude, Naitik Lapsia, Dipanjan Chakraborty", There is No App for That: Manifestations of the Digital Divides during COVID-19 School Closures in India. To Appear in The Proceedings of the ACM on Human Computer Interaction (CSCW 2022).
  • "Badam,  Jathin; Bonagiri,  Akash; Raju,  KVLN; Chakraborty,  Dipanjan", Aletheia: A Fake News Detection System for Hindi, CODS-COMAD 2022: 5th Joint International Conference on Data Science & Management of Data (9th ACM IKDD CODS and 27th COMAD), 2022. [Best Demo Award]
  • "Bonagiri,  Akash; Badam,  Jathin; Raju,  KVLN; Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; ", A Poster on Learnings from an Attempt to Build an NLP-based Fake News Classification system for Hindi, ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS), 397-401, 2021
  • "Syed,  Raaed Ahmed; Chakraborty, Dipanjan", A Case Study on Incidental Exposure through an Entertainment Oriented Web-Series on OTT Platforms in India, India HCI 2021, 2021
  • "Aribandi,  Anurag; Agrawal,  Divyanshu; Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; ", Evaluating Trust in the Context of Conversational Information Systems for new users of the Internet, arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.13310, 2021
  • "Seth,  Aaditeshwar; Gupta,  Akshay; Moitra,  Aparna; Kumar,  D; Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; Enoch,  L; Ruthven,  O; Panjal,  P; Siddiqi,  R A; Singh,  Rishi Raj; ", Reflections from Practical Experiences of Managing Participatory Media Platforms for Development, International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development, 2020,
  • "Dhayude,  Mrunal; Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; ", Rethinking Design of Digital Platforms for Emergent Users: Findings from a Study with Rural Indian Farmers, IndiaHCI 2020, 2020
  • "Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; Gupta,  Akshay; Team,  Gram Vaani; Seth,  Aaditeshwar; ", Experiences from a Mobile-based Behaviour Change Campaign on Maternal and Child Nutrition in Rural India, 2019
  • "Vivek,  Srinivasan; Narayanan,  Rajendran; Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; Veeraraghavan,  Rajesh; Vardhan,  Vibhore; ", Are technology-enabled cash transfers really ‘direct’?’, Economic and Political Weekly, 53, 2018
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  • "Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; Ahmad,  Mohd Sultan; Seth,  Aaditeshwar; ", Findings from a Civil Society Mediated and Technology Assisted Grievance Redressal Model in Rural India, "International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development,  2017 (ICTD 2017)", 9, 2017
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  • "Srinivasan,  Vivek; Vardhan,  Vibhore; Kar,  Snigdha; Asthana,  Siddhartha; Narayanan,  Rajendran; Singh,  Pushpendra; Chakraborty,  Dipanjan; Singh,  Amarjeet; Seth,  Aaditeshwar; ", Airavat: an automated system to increase transparency and accountability in social welfare schemes in India, Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies and Development: Notes-Volume 2, 151-154, 2013, ACM

Ongoing Research

  • Voice Interfaces for low-literacy contexts (in partnership with GIZ and Gram Vaani)
  • Building AI-based Market Intelligence Systems for Farmer Collectives (in partnership with Google AI4Good, Gram Vaani and CCD)
  • Using Satellite Imagery for NREGA impact assessment (in partnership with Lib Tech India and FES)
  • Documenting the Digital Divides
  • Counter-Publics on Social Media (in partnership with University of Toronto)
  • UI/UX on low cost devices
  • Designing for the new users of the Internet
  • Interfaces of People, Society and the Internet (polarisation on social media, fake news, etc.)

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