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Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects

  1. Principal Investigator: "Study on Cosmological Models of the Universe with Wet Dark Fluid in Alternative Theories of Gravitation" , UGC, New Delhi, F.No.: -42-1001/2013(SR). 1,90,000 INR. (March 2014- February 2016). Completed.
  2. Principal Investigator: "Bianchi Type Cosmological Models in Modified Theories of Gravitation", SERB, DST, New Delhi. D.O. No.: SR/S4/MS:815/13. 12,70,054 INR. (June 2014- May 2017). Completed.
  3. "DAAD Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE)-2019", Physical and geometrical aspects of anisotropic dark energy cosmological models(IN-PH-4078). Intern: Janik Kruse, Padeborn Universitat (31.07.19-11.10.19). Completed.

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