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  • Course No: CHEM F110 & Course Title: Chemistry Laboratory (Analytical methods, synthetic procedures, operation of scientific equipments for collecting data and the analysis of collected data)

  • Course No:  CHEM F242 & Course Title:   Chemical Experimentation  I (Various basic and advance laboratory methods of organic chemistry)

  • Course No: CHEM F243 & Course TitleOrganic Chemistry-II  (Stereochemical concepts and their applications in organic synthesis; important functional group transformations; pericyclic reactions & organic photochemistry)

  • Course No: CHEM F311 & Course TitleOrganic Chemistry-III  (Reagents and reactions in organic synthesis and disconnection or synthon approach)

  • Course No: CHEM F111 & Course TitleGeneral Chemistry Tutorial  (Transition metal coordination complexes, VB and CFT for inorganic complexes, stereochemistry and reactivity of organic compounds, quantum theory, electronic structure of atoms and molecules, spectroscopy, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, chemical kinetics)

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