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Teaching and Academic Collaboration



Courses Offered

 Postgraduate Level: Cloud Computing CSG527

  1.  Distributed System Models
  2.  Computing Clusters
  3.  Virtualization
  4.  Cloud platform architecture
  5.  Service Oriented Architecture
  6.  Cloud Programming
  7.  Multi-tenancy
  8.  Cloud Economics
  9.  CAP Theorem
  10. P2P intro and DHT
  11. Recent developments (IoT,Social networking)

 Postgraduate Level: Software Architecture SSZG653

1.     Software Architecture and its Importance

2.     Software Structure and Quality Attributes

3.     Understanding the role of Availability, Performance, Modifiability, Testability, Interoperability, Security 

4.     Introduction to OO Design and UML

5.     Documenting Software Architecture

6.     Patterns

6.1.Architectural Patterns

6.2.Design Patterns

7.     Software architecture for next generation system


Undergraduate Level: Principles of Programming Languages CS 301

Topics Covered

1.     Module I: Introduction and Basic Pragmatics


1.2.Control Flow

1.3.Values and Types

1.4.Names, Scopes and Binding

2.     Module II: Programming Styles

2.1.Modular Programming

2.2.Object Oriented Programming

2.3.Generic Programming and Higher order functions

2.4. Parallel Programming

2.5.Script Programming

3.     Module III: Implementation Issues

3.1.Memory Management

3.2.Function call and control abstraction


Undergraduate Level: Compiler Construction CS F363/IS F342

Topics Covered

1. Introduction, review of programming languages.

2. Lexical Analysis, Regular Expressions, and Finite Automata

3. Syntax Analysis,  Context-Free Grammars

4. Top-Down Parsing

5. Bottom-up Parsing

6. Semantic Analysis: Syntax-Directed Translation

7. Code Generation


Thesis Guidance


Nidhi Tiwari

Power aware Distributed Systems

PhD co-supervisor


Jyotiska Nath Khasnabish

Mining Flow and State based Invariants from SaaS Application Logs

M.Tech co-supervisor




Student Name





Antonio Ken Iannillo

A Fault Injection Tool For Java Software Applications

University of Naples

Masters thesis co-supervisor


Agostino Savignano

Mining Invariant Relationships for Failure Analysis of Batch Software Systems

University of Naples

Masters thesis co-supervisor


Manuel De Luca

On the Use of Text-weighting Schemes to Detect Anomalies from Security Alerts of a Cloud System

University of Naples

Masters thesis co-supervisor


Academic Collaboration

1.       Research Collaboration with Univ of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 2012-2014

2.       Research Collaboration with Univ of Naples, Italy 2012-2014

3.       Managed MIT-Accenture relationship program as a part of Accenture global internship program in 2009.

4.       Research collaboration with Purdue University 2005-2007.

5.       Initiated a short collaboration with MSR India and Infosys 2006.

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