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Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects

  • “Mechanistic approach to design composite metal-carbon nanofiber oxygen electrodes for high-performance metal-air batteries", funded by Early Career Research Award (ECR) – SERB-DST, INR 45,59,920/-, 2018, PI: Richa Singhal, Co-PI, None.
  •  “Aqueous rechargeable metal-air batteries for large scale energy storage”, funded by Additional Competitive Grant – BITS Pilani, INR 8,77,000/-, 2018, PI: Richa Singhal, Co-PI, None.
  • “Electrospun metal-carbon nanofiber composites for high-performance supercapacitors”, funded by Research Initiation Grant – BITS Pilani, INR 2,00,000/-, 2017, PI: Richa Singhal, Co-PI, None.

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