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Research Interest

Research Interest

Research Interest

My research interests lie in working towards finding sustainable and green solutions to global energy issues. With increasing energy demands and environmental concerns, it has become more important than ever to develop low-cost and environmentally-friendly energy storage systems.

Key areas of research are:


Effective and efficient nanomaterials are essential for developing high-performance energy storage systems. We aim to understand the electronic structures of surfaces and interfaces in order to identify and develop novel nanomaterials with tunable architectures, higher electronic conductivity, good stability, and better catalytic activity, tailored to the application.

Electrochemical energy storage (EES) devices

Development of cost-effective and high-performance electrochemical energy storage devices is crucial for efficient utilization of electricity generated from renewable sources like sun and wind, in addition to electrification of vehicles. EES devices, including batteries and supercapacitors, form an important part of the solution. Our research would focus on studying the kinetics and chemical transport in these devices along with the role of nanomaterials in these systems. This would enable us to establish scalable technologies for the rapid development of next-generation energy storage and conversion systems.

CO2 Mitigation

Carbon dioxide, a byproduct of the fossil fuel burning process and other industrial processes, is now regarded as one of the major greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. The mitigation of CO2 has become one of the urgent research problems of today. Our aim would be to electrochemically reduce CO2 to carbon-neutral products.   

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