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Ph.D/Dissertation/Thesis Students


Current Ph.D. students:

1.     Mr. Arun S Nair

                [Area: Mixed Criticality Real-time Systems]

2.     Ms. Julieta Luiza Louella M. Mesquita

                [Area: Mixed Criticality Real-time Systems]

3.     Mr. Srinivas B. P

                [Area: Computer Architecture]
Graduated Ph.D. stuudents:
 As Supervisor:
          1.     Dr. Shubhangi K Gawali
                [Title: Design of High Performance Energy Efficient Scheduling
                 Algorithms for Uniprocessor and MP/MC Hard Real-time Systems]
          2.     Dr. Geeta Patil
                [Title: Design of Energy Efficient Cache Architecture for
                 Uniprocessor and Multicore Systems]
 As Co-Supervisor:
          1.     Dr. Mayuri Abhijeet Digalwar
                [Title: Energy Efficient Multi-core Scheduling Algorithms for Real-time 

 Post Graduate Dissertation Supervised:

1.  Ms. Samriti Gupta [M. E. Computer Science – 2016]

                [Area: Mixed Criticality Embedded Systems]

2.   Mr. Prashant [M. E. Computer Science – 2015]

                [Title: Energy Efficient Scheduling of Multi-core / Multi-processor
                  Hard Real-time Systems]

3.    Mr. Alen K Sabu [M. E. Computer Science – 2015]

                [Title: Performance Improvement of Multi-core Scheduler in Homogeneous
                  and Heterogeneous Systems]

4.    Ms. Neethu Bal Mallya [M. E. Software Systems – 2014]

                [Title: Design of Energy Efficient Multi-core/Multi-processor
                 Hard Real-time Systems]

5.     Ms. Divya Vipin [M. E. Embedded Systems – 2014]

                [Title: Performance Enhancement in Embedded Heterogeneous 
                 Architecture using Cache Coherence Protocol and Optimal
                 Load balancing]

6.     Ms. Shweta Agrawal [M. E. Software Systems – 2014]

                [Title: Design of Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Multi-processor
                 / Multi-core Hard Real-time Systems]

7.     Mr. Siva Sai Ram Prasad K [M. E. Software Systems – 2013]

                [Title: A Study on Various Optimizations of Multi-programming with
                 Threads and Processes]

8.    Mr. Santhosh Reddy V [M. E. Software Systems - 2012]

                [Title: Energy Efficient Storage Systems]

9.    Ms. Rachana A [M. E. Embedded Systems – 2012]

                [Title: Performance Evaluation of Various Cache Replacement
          10. Mr. Prashanth S [M.E. Embedded Systems – 2012]
                [Title: Design of Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for
                 Real–time Operating Systems]
Under Graduate Thesis Supervised: 

1.     Ms. Rituparna Ghosh [B. E. Computer Science – 2016]

                [Title: Preemptive Heterogeneous Scheduling for Mixed Criticality Systems] 

2.     Mr. Pravin Joshi [MSc. Tech Information Systems – 2015]

               [Title: Design of Energy Efficient Memory Management Scheme for
                 Heterogeneous Distributed Systems]

3.     Mr. Sahil Mittal [MSc. Tech Information Systems – 2015]

               [Title: Design of Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for
                 Heterogeneous Distributed Systems] 

4.     Ms. Prachi Shukla [MSc. Tech Information Systems – 2012]

                [Title: Energy Efficient Multi-core Architecture]

5.     Mr. Karan Bhatnagar [MSc. Tech Information Systems – 2008]

                [Title: Energy Efficient Flash File System for Embedded Devices]

6.     Mr. Durga Prasad [MSc. Tech Information Systems – 2006]

                [Title: A Context Switch Reduction Heuristic for Real–time Scheduler]

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