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Research in Systems

Completed Projects

  1.  Addressing Challenges in Application Development for Heterogeneous Computing Platform for Speedup and Power Efficiency [37 lakhs, DST] 
  2. Design and Implementation of High Performance Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprocessor / Multicore Hard Real-time Systems [19 lakhs, Seed grant]
  3. A Modeling and Design Framework for Social Networking Infrastructure on Mobile Devices using P2P overlays [20 lakhs, Aditya Birla Group]
  4. Customizable Abstractions for Real-time / Embedded systems [20 lakhs, Microsoft India]

 Research Interests

    Operating Systems:
        Real Time / Embedded Operating Systems - Mixed Criticality Systems and IoT:
          Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithms; Energy Efficient Memory Management;
           File System Design for Flash / Solid State Devices; Preemptive I/O.
           Homogeneous and Heterogeneous MC/MP system for Real-time Systems
        High Performance Operating Systems for HiPC and Cloud:
           Multi-core / Many-core / Multi-processor / Distributed Scheduling, OS level
    Low Power Embedded Architecture:
        Energy Efficient Cache Design; MC/MP Architecture for Real-time / Embedded;
         Cache Coherency Issues of MC system with Scalable Architectures.
    Storage Systems:
        Energy Efficient Distributed File Systems; Virtualization at Storage level;                        
         Energy Efficient Storage Management with NAS, SAN and iSCSI.
    P2P Overlay networks:
        Mobile P2P for Social Networking; Delay Tolerant Networks.

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