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Research at Chemical Engg. Department

The department is engaged in fundamental as well as applied research. In line with the vision of the UAE government, the department focuses its research mainly on sustainable energy and water treatment technologies. 

In addition, the faculty and students are continuously engaged in applied research in the areas of  process systems engineering, energy integration, catalysis and reactor design, separation processes, water treatment and remediation technologies, adsorption, nanofluidics, advanced energy materials, computational fluid dynamics, atomic and molecular simulations etc. For more informations, please visit the pages of individual faculty member.  
  • On 15th March 2017, the department has signed an MOU with Ocean Corner Water Treatment Equipment & Chemicals LLC to set up a research facility for waste water treatment and testing. Under the agreement, Ocean Corner Water Treatment Equipment & Chemicals LLC will set up a treatment plant and which will be used for research, consultancy and academic purposes.

  • Publications and Conference

    • V. Gerbaud, M. Teles Dos Santos, N. Pandya, J. M. Aubry. 2016. Computer aided framework for designing bio-based commodity molecules with enhanced properties. Chemical Engineering Science. 159. 177–193.
    • Kalathil, S. and Ghosh Chaudhuri, R. 2016. Hollow Palladium Nanoparticles Facilitated Biodegradation of an Azo Dye by Electrically Active Biofilms. Materials 9(8). 653-663. 
    • Subramanian S C A, Ramachandran S, Thirumavalavan K and Prakash Kumar B G. 2015. A Review of Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of Wastewater Using Advanced Oxidation Processes. Jr. of Industrial Pollution Control. 31(2). 297-309
    • Subramaniam Sheshadri., “Proton Structure Function calculation By Thermodynamical Bag Model”, in “International Conference on Applied Science, Management and Technology” (ICASMT); Dec 4, 2014, Dubai (Received Best Presentation Award); published in International Journal of Research and Innovation in Engineering Technology (IJRIET) 2nd Volume, 3rd Issue.
    • Arshia Fathima, J. Alamelu Mangai and Bharat B. Gulyani. 2014. An ensemble method for predicting biochemical oxygen demand in river water using data mining techniques. International Journal of River Basin Management. 12 (4). 357-366. 

    • Veena Valsamma Daniel, Gulyani B. B., and Prakash Kumar B.G. 2012. Usage of date stones as adsorbents: A review. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. 33. 1321-1331 

    • Dr. Bharat Bhushan Gulyani and Arshia Fathima, Introducing Ensemble Methods to Predict the Performance of Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) 4th International Conference on Environment Pollution and Prevention (ICEPP 2016), Kyoto, Japan, December 25-27, 2016, 
    • J. Alamelu Mangai, Bharat B. Gulyani, A Predictive Data Mining Model for Customer Response in Bank Telemarketing, Proceedings of International Conference on Evidence Based Management ICEBM, BITS PILANI, Pilani Campus, March 20th 2015, Volume 2, Page 656 - 661
    • Optimization Of Inclination And Mixing Conditions For Tubular Photobioreactor For Mass Production Of Microalgae, Radhika Narain; Subramanian Ramachandran; B. G.  Prakash Kumar, participated in “Current Trends in Biotechnology”, held at Manipal University-Dubai Campus, March 18- 19, 2015, Won best poster award. 
    • Irshad Ahmed, Aswathy, Hydari Masuma, Prakash Kumar BG, Salma Sheriff, Ramachandran S, “Development Of Tubular Photobioreactor For Sustainable Production Of Microalgae” International Conference on “ Biotechnology & Bioengineering” (ICBB-2014) Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Dubai Campus (U.A.E) 29-30 Oct 2014.
    • N.Subramanian, K.Saravanan, B G Prakash Kumar, “Hydrodynamic Aspects Of Circulating Fluidized Bed For Drying Of Food Materials” International Conference on “Biotechnology & Bioengineering” (ICBB-2014) Birla Institute of technology & Science, Pilani Dubai Campus (U.A.E) 29-30 Oct 2014.
    • Snatika Sarkar, Reshma Babu, Radhika Narain and Prakash B.G*., 'Feasibility of Tidal Energy In the UAE", Participated in 5th Engineering Student Renewable Enery Competition (ESREC 2014) held at UAE University, AL Ain, UAE during May,2014.
    • Aparajita Dasgupta, Atullya Prakash, Janhavi Shanker Velandy, Shweta Prem, Aishwarya Garg & Prakash Kumar B.G*., “Exploiting Solar Energy Through Ways of Artificial Photosynthesis” Participated in 4th Engineering Student Renewable Energy Competition (ESREC’2013) held at UAE University, Al Ain, UAE, during May 4th, 2013 (selected up to finals).
    • Shreyas Jailkhani, Prateek Khera, Mohammed Al Hasan Mahmudul Hassan & Prakash Kumar B.G*.,“Production Of Electricity Using Energy Storing Salts” Participated in 4th Engineering Student Renewable Energy Competition (ESREC’2013) held at UAE University, Al Ain, UAE, during May 4th, 2013.
    • Dalmia, K. Menon, Pushkala Muralidharan, Prakash Kumar B.G, Neeru Sood, “Economic Analysis of Energy Production from Waste and Agricultural Sources”, International Congress on Materials and Renewable Energy (MRE 2013), 1-3 July 2013, Athens, GREECE.
    • Arshia Fathima, Dey Shramana Subrata Kumar, Ankit Sachdeva, Gaurav Sehgal, Faizan Abbas Thakur, & Prakash Kumar B.G*., ‘Low temperature Distillation Using Sand Beds as a Source of Stored Thermal Energy”, Participated in 3rd Engineering Student Renewable Energy Competition (ESREC’2012) held at UAE University, Al Ain, UAE, during May 5th, 2012
    • Ankit Sachdeva, Gaurav Sehgal, Faizan Abbas Thakur, Arjunraj Subbaraj and Prakash Kumar B.G*., ‘Utilization of Renewable energies for Greener U.A.E.” Participated in 2nd Engineering Student Renewable Energy Competition (ESREC’2011) held at UAE University, Al Ain, UAE, during May 7th, 2011 



    The aerial robot, developed by students of BITS Pilani at the Dubai campus won the first position in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) held recently in  North Dakota, United States.

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