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Research Interests

Research Interest

Research Interests
Multi-disciplinary research programmes including organic synthesis, medicinal, combinatorial and green chemistry including chemical biology and biocatalysis. Design and synthesis of gene-targeting compounds as new and novel anticancer agents, and their targeted delivery as prodrugs.
Significant Research Contributions
Development of Anticancer Therapeutics
The discovery of potent, selective and less toxic anticancer agents has been considered as one of the major challenges in medicinal chemistry. Significant efforts have been made to design and synthesize a large number of heterocyclic hybrids and their conjugates wherein at least two biologically well established components were brought in to a single moiety that could interact or sometimes enhance the biological effect for the same target. In this pursuit, structural modifications on the pyrrolo[2,1-c]benzodiazepine (PBD) ring system has been explored extensively. These results provided further inputs understand the combination of certain non-covalent interacting groups with a PBD moiety that led to the design and synthesis of a variety of hybrids and conjugates. 
Moreover, a large number of DNA topoisomerase II and tubulin polymerization inhibitors as well as inducers of apoptosis based on podophyllotoxin, combretastatin A-4, phenstatin, β-carboline, curcumin and E7010 scaffolds have been designed, synthesized and evaluated for their anticancer potential. Some lead compounds are undergoing detailed investigations.
Development of New Antitubercular Agents
Many heterocyclic scaffolds like phthalamido/naphthalimido linked phenazines, 1,2,4-benzothiadiazines, benzothiazole conjugates, arylsulfonamido oxazolidinones and thialactone based conjugates have been designed and investigated to evaluate their antitubercular potential.
Biocatalysis / Biotransformations and Biofuels
A large number of enantiomerically pure chiral intermediates have been obtained by lipase catalyzed transesterification processes. Coordinated the US-India Consortium for the Development of Sustainable Advanced Lignocellulosic Biofuel Systems under the Second Generation Biofuels for the Indo-US Clean Energy Research Initiative. 

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