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Admission Notification

Next admission advertisement likely to be come in October 2015
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Application Procedure

Next admission advertisement likely to be come in October 2015

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Fees structure

Fees Structure applicable for candidates seeking new admission during the academic year 2015-2016

View fees schedule applicable for all programmes

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Admission modality

The Institute is one of the very few universities in India, which has ventured into off-campus work integrated learning programmes in science and technology areas. In order to maintain the standard as well as rigour required in this area, the Institute could cater only to those inputs, which have the facilities and environment for such a learning process. So the Institute treats these degree programmes as continuing education programmes for employed professionals. Hence admissions are given normally to candidates who are already employed and whose organizations sponsor them in their academic pursuit subject to the candidates having the required academic qualifications. The Institute looks for candidates who have the necessary computer, laboratory and other physical facilities including access to Email and Internet as well as certain intellectual input in terms of guidance by superior / co-officer / professional expert preferably from the workplace of the candidate who will be termed as Mentor, while the candidate is in pursuit of studies.

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Operational Highlights

Registration and Fee Payment: Each semester of the Off-Campus Work-Integrated Learning Programmes begins with a mandatory REGISTRATION process, which specifies the prescribed course package for each student for that semester. The Registration process for each semester is completed when the student sends the duly signed Registration Card alongwith the payment for the semester fees. The student has to pay the full semester fees for every semester in which s/he registers, irrespective of the number of courses in his/her prescribed course package.

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Educational process

A collaborating organization is an organization that helps the Institute in setting up the necessary facilities and in the running of classes and laboratories for all students. Such an organization may simultaneously be also a sponsoring organization.

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Exam Centres

Examinations are conducted only at the following Centres: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai,  Pilani and Pune.

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