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  • On what basis will the students be chosen for sending to other universities?

    Ans:- Students will be selected keeping in view their competence and the weightage of the project. If some project is such that its completion will need advanced technological factors and scientific guidance which might not be available in India and the student is good and promising in the sense that he/she quickly assimilates new information then he/she will be given a preference. CGPA will also be a criterion. If a student has done a project in BITS and his/her performance was good then the student will be at an advantage.

  • Will doing a project in a foreign university help in the pursuit of higher studies in that university or in any other university abroad?

    Ans:- Specific recommendations from professors are necessary for admissions to foreign universities. Recommendations from professors in foreign universities will definitely carry additional weightage.

  • Since some MOUs are signed for a particular discipline what if I am interested to go to that university for higher education or thesis or summer internships, but for some other branch?

    Ans:- Even if the MOUs are signed for any particular discipline we can contact the respective HOD's and extend the scope of the present MOU to other disciplines, based on the need and demand of the students.

  • I am interested to go to a particular foreign university, but BITS has no existing MOU with that university what should be the course of action?

    Ans:- If a student is interested to go to a particular foreign university for first or higher degree thesis or summer internships he/she can bring it to the notice of IPCD, through the Professor-In-Charge on individual campus. IPCD will make efforts to enable the student to undertake the thesis.

  • I am interested in applying to a foreign university for higher studies, but have concerns regarding the financial aspects. Will the Institute help in this regard?

    Ans:- If a student wishes to go to a foreign university for higher studies or collaborative projects, and is eligible for it, but unable to finance it, IPCD will try to facilitate EDUCATIONAL LOANS for such students, from various banks.

  • Certain departments like Economics & Finance, have very few MOUs with foreign universities as compared to departments like Computer Science. What should I do if I wish to go for higher studies in the

    Ans:- It is just circumstantial that the present MOUs are more focused on certain disciplines.  It is incorrect to assume that a university does not offer opportunities in these disciplines.  MOUs can always be extended to any discipline, based on the need and demand of the students and faculty.

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