Tarun Vangani

Undergraduate Student

BITS ID Number 2013B1A8817P
Gender Male
Email f2013817@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Mobile 09460973751


Electronics and Instrumentation 2013


  • Smart E-Mail Classifier: Decides folders for emails in an inbox automatically according to the categories learned on the basis of similarity between mails - based on their subject, sender and contents. Uses Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering to cluster emails into categories dependent on inbox (not pre-decided categories). This project won the second prize in Project Presentation in the Annual Technical Festival of at BITS Pilani (Apogee)
  • Face Tracker (Self-Initiated Project): A basic face tracker implementation in OpenCV. It uses Haar Cascades locate faces, eyes, noses, in an image. Cascades were combined in heiarchial fashion such that one identified the face and other the sub-parts ie. nose,eyes The technique above was also helpful in checking quality of tracking. Example: A result with face with eyes,nose is better than just the face
  • Exploring Automation in Online Biological Tools (Guide: Dr. Shibasish Chowdhury, Associate Professor, BITS Pilani): A bot was implemented using Selenium Testing Tools to submit and retrieve data from website of National Center for Biotechnology Information. Auxiliary scripts were written to clean the data obtained and present it in the desired form (Plots and Excel Sheets). An attempt was made to combine data from miRBase (database for micro RNA’s) and miRDB (db of target genes microRNA) to help categorizing Micro RNA on the basis of targets.
  • Discoverify: A webapp where users can make learning paths for acquiring skills and other users can follow those paths.Discoverify was an entry for a 24 hour Hackathon at Jaipur and also won a consolation prize.The back-end was implemented on django framework.


  • Google Summer of Code Student 2015


  • Joint Coordinator @ DVM: The Department of Visual Media (DVM) is a student body that is responsible for all the technical support in organizing the cultural and technical festivals at BITS Pilani. This includes the development of Website, Payment Gateway and the Registration Software along with coverage of the fest and making of teasers and inaugural videos. My work involves providing supervision and technical assistance to the team of juniors in carrying out the above functions smoothly.

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