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Club Details

Club Details
  • Sponsorship Club

    The Sponsorship Club, also know as The Kubers. Our aim is to generate capital for management association.

    From bringing sponsorship for our fest INTERFACE, pitching to them and maintaing a long term relations with our proud sponsors is our job.


    Club Members

    Yash Sharma (Coordinator)

    Kumar Gourabh (Co-Coordinator)

    Core Club Members –

    Romi Ranjan,

    Dipanjan Bhattacharjee,

    Bharat K Pattem


    Prateek Agnihotri,

    Bhaswati Talukdar,

    Aishwarya Baglane


    Contact us -

    FB page -

  • Media Relations Club

    Media Relations Club (MRC) aims at maintaining a healthy relationship with stake holders of all social platforms and other external entities and work for enhancing the image of the department and institute. 

    The mission of the club includes being active on all the major social platforms to address any issues regarding the Department of Management, BITS Pilani, to enhance the image of the institute and give glimpse of the course and curriculum along with a short insight of the campus life to the prospective students and solve their respective queries about the admission process and other details. The club also aspires to maintain a healthy relationship with the external public relation entities like the media houses and news groups on behalf of the department.


    Club Members:

    Akshat Mohan Awasthi  (Co-ordinator)

    Core members: 

    Sooraj Bakane

    Akhilesh H.

    Ayush Verma

    Ashutosh Mishra

    Anirban Mukhopadhyay


    Chiki Mishra

    Shraboni Sinha


    Facebook -

    Twitter -

    Youtube - 

  • ARC- Alumni Relations Club

    To function as a mutually beneficial and a life time link between our revered alumni network and the department of management.

    To actively keep our alumni informed about and involved with the department through newsletters and other connecting initiatives. The club also aims to keep the alumni network invested for the batch by conducting valuable events like guest lectures, workshops, mentor- mentee programs, alumni chapter etc.


    Club Members:

    Shubham Goyanka  +91-9826968668 (Co-ordinator)

    Club Members:

    Manna Rakesh

    Keyur Tanna

    Vutukuri Yasaswani

    G V S Sai Kiran

    Shilpa Agarwal

    Ajay Raj K J

    Shakti Nayan


    LinkedIn: cell-dom- bits-pilani- 301a2ba4


  • Vishwast - Marketing Club

    The mission of BITS-Pilani Marketing Club is to develop interest and educate students in the marketing field through activities and networking events.The club embraces any student who is interested in having fun while developing new and challenging marketing opportunities.


    Club Members 


     Satyajit Desai

    Club Members:

     Abhrajit Kar 

     Aditya Tiwari 

     Arpit Agarwal

     Keerthy D.

     Laboni Ghosh


    Facebook Link: 

  • Finomaniac- Finance Club

    The Finomaniac is the Finance Club of the Department of Management, BITS Pilani. It was formed with a

    mission to enhance the interest and understanding of MBA students in the field of Finance and

    Economics. Through its rigorous attempts, The Finomaniac club makes sure that all MBA students of

    BITS Pilani are well-versed with the latest happenings of the financial markets as well as the macro-

    economic environment. This is done by organizing tailor-made workshops, events and guest lectures

    throughout the year.  


    Club Members (2017-19)


    Rohan Nigam

    Core member 

    Bhavik Sharma

    Radhika Jaju

    Ch. Manozna

    Trilok Sharma

    Nayanananda Medhi

    Saumitra Tiwari

    Kalyani Upadhye

    FB Link-

  • Vishwakarma - Operations Club


    To create awareness about operations management and enhance the industry interactions to create industry ready professionals.



    The Club shall provide the platform for the interaction of students, faculty, alumni, business leaders and researchers. Our focus is on getting the insight in business strategy as well as the intersection of these fields with investment banking, analytics, and consulting. Our goal is to utilize the knowledge and efforts of today’s business leaders to create the executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers of tomorrow.



    The club shall conduct events in a periodic manner which includes student-student interaction

    as well as student-industry interaction.



    Ayush Garg 


    Akhil Madhu

    Ankit Ghosh

    Neerja Mohan

    Nishchay Rathi

    Prateek Agnihotri 

    Sakshi Das

    Sanya Khanna

    Shraboni Sinha

  • The Business Insights (Reflexionar Club)

    ‘The Business Insights’ is a sincere endeavour of Department of Management, BITS Pilani to engage, inform and associate with a diverse readership-including alumni, faculty and students- by presenting them with a variety of articles ranging from management, business, economy to programs and activities of Department of Management. Beginning from the conception of the magazine to the presentation of select writings, it has been our aim to reflect the values and the quality of the institution itself. The magazine is published bi-annually. It presents analysis on an array of articles encompas
    •  Management Theories/Concepts
    •  Recent Research in the field of Management
    •  Recent Business Developments
    •  Indian Economy and related issues
    •  Important Global issues

    Recent activity

    Publication of Pre-interface issue of The Business Insights (February’17)

    Conducted National level Article Writing Competition: Abhivyakti (Pre-Interface)


    Club members 

    Shipra Chib, Editor-in-chief

    Nida Ashhar, Managing Editor

    Mohammad Fuaad Khan, Publication Manager

    Kalyani Upadhye, Co-publication Manager

    Satyajit Desai, Art & Design Director

    Bhavik Sharma, Social Media Manager

    Nayanananda Medhi, Communication Coordinator


    We post our articles and share informative articles and Videos on our Facebook Page:

    Follow us on :

    Facebook Handle


  • The Industry Linkage Club

    Industrial Linkage Club  (ILC) aims to lessen the gap between the industry and the academics by organizing Guest Lectures, Workshops, Case Studies and facilitating group interaction with distinguished personalities in the industry and academia. ILC helps students scout for Summer Internships and aids the Placement committee for Final Placements. The main aim of the club is to familiarize the students with the concept of "LEARN TO EARN - study to work".

    Industry Linkage Club (ILC) as part of Management Association, Department of Management, BITS PILANI lays the platform for the students to interact with Industry expertise.We learn not only from our experience but from others too. To serve this purpose we arrange Guest lectures, talks and interactive sessions with Corporate Leaders.We not only do by learning but also learn by doing. We conduct workshops and trainings which provide hands on experience for students and keep ourselves updated with skills.We aim to bridge the gap between what Industries require of students and what the academics prepare them for. 


    Club Members:


    Bharti Pahwa

    Core Members:

    M.G. Sheetal

    Deepak Chauhan

    Abhedya Saini

    Venkatesh Chichula

    Sandeep Dutta


    Aloke Kumar Roy

    Soumendu Sarkar


    Facebook Page

  • Manav-HR Club

    Mission of Manav Club: The HR Club is to spread knowledge in the field of Human

    Resources for students and to bridge the gap between the necessary people skills required in every



    Vision: To promote basic HR skills and create awareness about importance of human resources in

    business and organisations.

    Steps for achieving the mission: 

    As part of the HR club several events will be conducted, which will help the members of the club and

    also the participants learn new skills in managing human resources. Also while conducting events,

    members will get to learn skills like risk management, time management, team work along with the

    basic skills thereby increasing their knowledge base.


    Club Members

    Club Coordinator-

    Bhaswati Talukdar

    Core Members –

    Abhinav Gupta,

    Aishwarya Baglane,

    Aloke Kumar Roy,


    Rajat Bansal,

    Samiksha Jain

    Facebook Handle:

  • Creative Club

    CARMA or The Creative Club of Department of Management, BITS Pilani is an assemblage of creative

    minds that takes care of all creative and promotion related activities for BITS Pilani’s flagship

    management convention- “Interface”. The Creative Club, BITS Pilani is also responsible for

    conceptualizing, designing and creating all kinds of promotional tools like flyers, posters, brochures,

    website and every other branding tool your mind can fathom.


     Club Members:


    1. Aditya Vinod Singh

    2. Aniket Dilip Patil

    3. Chikki Mishra

    4. Prakash Barik

    5. Gautham Subramani

  • Business Analytics Club

    Today we see the extensive use of statistical analysis,including explanatory and predictive

    modelling,and fact-based management to drive decision making in the business arena.

    Business Analytics Club was formed in the year  2017,by the Department of Management, BITS

    Pilani as a response to the growing role of analytics in the business environment.BAC, BITS

    Pilani focuses on enhancing the knowledge base of the students in the field of analytics and its

    tools for its efficient use in the management science.It updates the students of with the latest

    of data technologies,trends,and concepts going on in the business world by organizing

    workshops,events,group discussions and inviting no table pioneers for talks on their experience

    and work in the field.Ultimately,BAC aims to create industry ready analysts who understand the

    nuances of data driven decision making. 




    R. Anand

    Core members:

    Soumendu Sarkar,

    Md.Farhan Khan,

    Karthik Vavilala,

    Mathew Thomas,

    Abishek Karthick


    Akhilesh Halvi,

    Shubham Goyanka

  • Interface 2018 - 41th Annual Management Convention

    Visit the official website to get more details at: 

  • Teaching & Professional Assistantships

    Higher degree students at BITS get the opportunity to work as teaching and professional assistant for various divisions and departments across the institute, which offer invaluable financial assistance and professional development opportunities to the students. Students opting for these graduate assistantships are expected to help their respective department heads and faculty in various academic, research and administrative tasks.

Student Achievements

  • All India Flip 2nd rank

    Trilok Sharma Secured 2nd position in FLIP out of 2273 Students, 92 B-Schools

  • MarkX @ Vihaan BIMTECH Noida | 1st Prize

    In this event, the participants will be given specific regions across the world, from which the participants had to pick a country belonging to that region and decide and present a crisp plan of action to promote /advertise/market a particular product or service of their choice keeping in mind the critical aspects such as the cultures, trends, rituals, beliefs, regulations and practices prevailing in the chosen country/region so as to be in sync with the country’s norms.

  • Vittraj-Finance Case Study Competition@ IIT Kanpur

    Maanik Goel, Aakarshi Sharma and Rohtash S Rathore from MBA Batch 2016-18 participated in Vittraj- Finance Case Study Competition organized by DIME, IIT Kanpur. The competition was a part of the IIT Kanpur B-School festival Prabandhan 2016. The students presented a financial case study on Samsonite's strategies. They were declared the first runner-up in the event.

  • Ernst And Young Business Quiz, 2016

    Ayush Ganguly and Shashank Shekhar from MBA Batch 2016-18 recently participated in EnY Business Quiz, 2016. They were among the top 50 teams out of 6000+ teams and were the semi-finalists in the event.

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