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Research Interests

Research Interest

Research Interest

  • Database Technologies
  • Object Technologies
  • Information Systems
  • Web Applications
  • UML
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
Ongoing Research:
A. Data Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

The main focus of this  research is on the Data Management in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Due to the fact that the communication activity is a dominant source of energy consumption in a WSN, it is essential to minimize the number of messages exchanged in wireless sensor networks. The external entities submit their requests for data, to the base-station. Base-station then disseminates the query in required form to the concerned nodes in the network. The nodes respond to this and send the results back to the base-station from where it is transmitted to the external applications/users. The data extraction from nodes may be either pull-based or push-based. In the first approach, the base-station issues ad-hoc queries to nodes, and in the second approach, sensor nodes keep sending the data to the base-station according to some predefined scheme. In one of the data dissemination techniques, nodes in a network form a tree structure (routing tree) to handle query/data transmissions. There exist a number of tree-based routing schemes. Normally, the base-station is considered to be the root of the routing tree. As part of the data management in WSNs, we focus  on the following issues.

  • Efficient routing schemes to minimize transmission overheads.
  • Data compression to achieve reduced number of packets.
  • Exploit query containment to minimize the query evaluation and transmission overheads.
  • Effective and efficient data storage and retrieval schemes.
  • Distributed query evaluation.


B. Data Integration

We are working efficient and effective Data Integration techniques for heterogenous data bases. We focus on-
Global Schemas,  Query rewriting, and Query evaluation.  Ontologies play a significant role here.

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