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Off Campus Ph.D

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Off Campus Ph.D

Under the Ph.D. aspirants scheme, BITS offers a unique opportunity for experienced personnel and professionals employed in various fields to work towards the Ph.D. degree in the settings of their respective work environments. The topic of research can emanate from the inhouse R & D needs of the host organisation and a senior professional of high academic standing from the organisation can be proposed as the supervisor. Under the scheme, professionals can seek permission to take the Ph.D. qualifying examination even before formalities of admission are completed.



As per the current rules, only those working professionals either possessing any BITS degree or working at a collaborating organization of BITS, Pilani are eligible to apply for off-campus PhD. Professionals eligible as per this rule, may apply as higher degree holder or through the M. Phil (Applied) route. Industries interested in the scheme for the development fo their manpower at doctoral level are invited to seek collaboration with BITS and sponsor their candidates along with their application in the prescribed format1. Higher Degree Holders: Candidate holding a higher degree of the Institute or its equivalent, namely, M.E. / M.Phil. / M.S. / M.Pharm.

M.Phil. (Applied) Route: Candidate of high academic standing and proven competence not holding a degree equivalent to a higher degree of BITS, provided he can submit technical and professional documents giving evidence indicating that he has acquired knowledge equivalent to one of the higher degrees of the Institute, and acceptance of the same by the Institute 


Qualifying Examination

All candidates have to pass the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination, normally held at Pilani. The Ph. D. qualifying examination consists of three written papers (open book) , each normally of 3 hours duration, and viva. The examination will test the student's knowledge, grasp of fundamentals and his ability to use them in unknown situations. It is designed to be equivalent to the standard, content and intent of the comprehensive examination of the named higher degree courses.

Sample question papers of some courses may be seen to know the type of questions asked in the qualifying examination.

Dates of qualifying examination can be seen Here!!!

For On-campus students, the admission to the PhD programme shall be provisional in the first instance and will be confirmed only after passing the qualifying examination within the prescribed time. Whenever a candidate is unable to pass the qualifying examination within the prescribed time he will automatically be disqualified from the programme. 

Topic of research

Topic of research can evolve from the nature of work involvement of the candidate in his own organization.

Supervisor is normally a person who is holding a Ph.D. degree from a reputed institution or who has research publications in reputed national and international journals to his credit. He has preferably supervised doctoral level research work. Proposed supervisor should to be a person from the candidate's own organization or an associated organization located in the same city. Only one supervisor is stipulated by the Academic Regulations and there is no provision for co-supervisor. 


No minimum time limit is prescribed. Registration in prescribed minimum number of units and components normally requires 4-6 semesters depending on the time of approval of topic/supervisor and locale of research work by the Research Board.

An upper limit of ten semesters for submission of thesis starting from the semester subsequent to passing the Qualifying examination is normally considered. 

Grants and Sponsorships

This year the Institute continued its ongoing projects and took up certain new projects for the development of various laboratories. Different Government agencies sanctioned these projects and provided grants for them.

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