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‘BITS Education system’ is unique in that the research is in-grained in the entire education process at all the levels. There are several innovative features of the system which tend to involve students directly into ongoing research being pursued by faculty members as well as researchers. The curriculum offers judicious balance between core discipline-oriented courses and multi-disciplinary courses. The class room teaching encourages students to set goals for one’s academic interests, however, the education process necessarily requires individual student to think, explore, and undertake self-study for achieving goals by the end of term. The education system provides ample opportunities for individual to practice different techniques of research.

The students are required to complete certain number of elective courses (discipline oriented as well as open), which introduces them to methods suitable for carrying out independent research. We provide high power computing facilities, advanced research grade hardware-software tools for analysis and simulation,and excellent library facilities for undertaking in-depth study of advanced topics. Students are trained for writing technical reports, proposals, research papers and thesis for publication. These courses are generically called Project Courses, which include Study Projects, Lab Projects and Design Projects.

The faculty members, in search of options for satisfying students’ varied queries and needs, are encouraged to develop research projects, which are likely to be sponsored by external funding agencies, thatinclude national/international agencies and Industries. The education system allows students to work on research problems under the supervision of faculty mentors as part of  projects. Such an approach to research has delivered many advantages to students as well as faculty.

Ongoing research activities in the Department can be classified into following categories:

  •  R&D Project sponsored by external agency
  • Ph.D. research being pursued by faculty and/or research scholars (Full Time / Part Time)
  • Project Courses being pursued by B.E. Students
  • Research Practice Course for M.E. students
  • First Degree /Higher Degree Thesis being pursued by B.E. /M.E students.
  • Practice School-II being pursued by B.E./M.E. students at off-campus locations
  • Dissertation being pursued by students at off-campus location



  • Core Research Area

    Research in Department of EEE and E&I, BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus spans a wide range of specialist research areas in the field of Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. Here, we list the core areas of research in the Department, the sub-areas in each category, and the faculty members actively working in these sub-areas.
    Instrumentation & Control Engineering   

    Non- Linear Control Systems


    Dr. Narayan S Manjarekar

    MEMS and Applications


    Dr. A. Amalin Prince

    Bio - Sensors


    Dr. Gautam G. Bacher

    Communication Engineering

    Communication Engineering


    Prof. Raghurama G

    Communication Engineering and Signal Processing


    Dr. Nitin Sharma

    Power Systems & Electrical Engineering

    Control of Electrical Power Systems


    Dr. Narayan S Manjarekar

    Power System Dynamics


    Dr. Shashidhara Mecha Kotian

    Renewable Energy

    Wind energy systems, SPV Systems,

    Smart Grids, Energy Policy & Planning


    Prof. M.K. Deshmukh

    Embedded Systems

    Network Embedded Systems


    Prof. K.R. Anupama

    Embedded System prototype design


    Dr. Anita B. Agrawal

    Reconfigurable Computing


    Dr. A. Amalin Prince

    Microelectronics, VLSI Design & Architecture

    Microelectronic Circuits and Systems; Analog VLSI


    Prof. Dipankar Pal

    Microelectronics, VLSI Design


    Dr. Ramesha C.K.

    VLSI signal Processing


    Dr. A. Amalin Prince

    Digital Signal Processing

    Image processing for medical diagnosis


    Dr. Anita B. Agrawal


  • Sponsored Research Projects

    The faculty members of the Department continue to explore opportunities for collaborative research, development and consultancy in range of areas of specialization.

    The area is often identified with the area in which opportunities for undertaking sponsored, R & D and consultancy exist.

    Currently ongoing R&D project include those Sponsored by National as well as International Agencies.


    Ongoing Projects Sponsored by National Agencies:

    1. FPGA Based Fuzzy Logic Picomotor Controller for Laser Beam Pointing Stability Correction, 39/26/2015-BRNS/39004, Principle Investigator: Dr. A. Amalin Prince, Funding Agency: DAE-BRNS.
    2. Pilot Project on Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Process Monitoring of GAIL’s Pipeline, Principle Investigator: Prof. K.R. Anupama, Funding Agency: GAIL India (Ltd).
    3. Development of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Based GNSS (GLONASS + IRNSS) Receiver, ISRO/RES/3/720/2016-17. Principal Investigator:Dr. Nitin Sharma, Funding Agency:SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad.
    4. Indigenous development of automated correlation system for UWR,Investigator (EEE):Prof M K Deshmukh and Dr. Nitin Sharma, Funding Agency:UWR, DRDO.
    5. DST–Fund Grant for “Development of Microelectronics and VLSI Laboratory”,at Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus (FIST 2000),SR/FST/ETI-315/2012(C).

    Projects Completed

    1. Hardware Implementation of Time Frequency Distribution of Mirnov Oscillations in Tokamak Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform, NFP-ELE-A12-02, Principle Investigator: Dr. A. Amalin Prince, Funding Agency: Board of Research in Fusion Science & Technology (BRFST).
    2. Design and Analysis of MEMS Switches for the Arc-less Operation and Control of Electric Energy Processing Systems, GOA/ACG/2014-15/Aug/05, Principal Investigator: Dr. A. Amalin Prince, Funding Agency: Additional Competitive Research Grant (BITS-Pilani).
    3. Wireless Sensor Networks for Inaccessible Terrains, Principal Investigator: Prof. K.R. Anupama, Funding Agency: UGC MRP.
    4. Design and Development of Condition Based Monitoring System for Pipelines, Principal Investigator: Prof. K.R. Anupama, Funding Agency: GAIL India (Ltd).
    5. Investigation of Schottky Contact to SiC using IV and CV techniques, Principal Investigator: Dr. C.K.Ramesha, Funding Agency: UGC MRP.
    6. Field-Performance Monitoring of Renewable Hybrid (Wind+SPV) Electric Power Generator (10 kW & 5 kW) System, Principal Investigator: Prof. M. K. Deshmukh, Funding Agency: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of Goa.

    Ongoing Projects Sponsored by International funding agency

    1. Cloud Based Analytics Sensor Test Kit For Advanced Process Control, OPP1164132 (In Collaboration with Biological Sciences, BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus, Ohio University, USA and Cranfield University, UK Investigator (EEE):Dr. Nitin Sharma, Funding Agency: Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.


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