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The Laboratories in the Department utilized for instructional and research purposes are listed below:
  • Communication Engineering Lab
  • Electronics Engineering Lab
  • Instrumentation Lab
  • Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Lab
  • Reconfigurable Computing Lab
  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Signal Processing Lab
  • VLSI and Microelectronics Lab
  • Energy Systems Lab
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Laboratories in the Department are fully equipped with the modern set of bench equipment and wide range of software to supplement the needs of the various undergraduate and graduate level courses and for research. The equipment available in the Laboratories are listed below:

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Arbitrary Function Generator
  • Programmable Digital Multimeters
  • 2 Channel CRO
  • Pulse generator
  • Digital IC tester
  • Logic Circuit Trainer
  • Intelligent Universal Programmer
  • DSP Development Kits
  • FPGA Development Kits
  • VLSI EDA software (received under the DST-FIST grant):
  • Energy Systems Simulation Software:
  •  PCB Design software:
  • FPGA tools:
  • Others:
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Communication Engineering Laboratory

 Designation VIOP No.
 Email (@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in)
 Mr. Anil Lamani

 Technician 247 anillamani
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Electronics Engineering Laboratory

 DesignationVOIP      Email (@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in)
 Mr.Sameer Chodankar

 Technician 248 svchodankar
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Instrumentation Laboratory

 Designation  VOIP
 Email (@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in)
 Mr. Vijaykumar V Patil

Jr. Technician
 249  vvpatil
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Electrical Machines Laboratory

 Name Designation VOIP  
 Email (@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in)
 Mr. Prakash Lamani
 Jr. Technician
 250 prakash
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Power Electronics Laboratory

 Name Designation VOIP No
 Email (@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in)
 Mr. Ishwar R. Rathod
 Technician 250 ishwarr
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Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory

 Name Designation VOIP No.
 Email (@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in)
 Mr. Vijaykumar V Patil
 Jr.Technician 135 vvpatil
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Embedded Systems Laboratory

 Name Designation
 Email (@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in)
 Mr.Pushparaj M. Paradkar
 Senior Technical Assistant
 230 pushparaj
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VLSI and Microelectronics Lab

 Name Designation
 Mr.Sameer Chodankar
 Technician 457 svchodankar

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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