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1.A. Mishra, S. Singh, Y.Kulkarni, P. Halliyar ,K.S.Raju "Lossless Data Compression  using LZ77 and Huffman Algorithm using LEON3"NCVDES,IETE-Pilani-centre,CEERI,Oct 12-14,2011.


2.Mohanty, M.; Deb, D.; Konidala, A.; Mishra, A.; Kota, S.R." Framework for design with LEON3 system and testing with SHA-1 algorithm" International Conference on Communication and Industrial Application (ICCIA),pp. 1 - 4,Dec. 26-28,2011.

3.Ashish Mishra,Kritika garg,A.R. Asati Kota, S.R." Hardware Software Co-design using profiling and clustering" International Conference on Communication , Information and Computing Technology (ICCICT),Oct-19-20,2012.

4. Ashish Mishra, Nidhi Jayapalan, Harsha Rastogi, Tushar Agrawal,." Impact of Segmentation Distribution on Area and Delay in FPGA Routing Architectures" 3 rdInternational Advance Computing Conference ,Feb-22-23,2013.(IEEE conf)

5. Ashish Mishra, Hardik Mahasukh Shah, Lucky Sharan, Kota Solomon Raju,"VHDL Implementation of FFT Algorithm Using Vedic Multiplier" Proceeding of  Mobile and Embedded Technology International Conference(MECON),Jan-17-18-2013.

6. Ashish Mishra,A.R. Asati Kota, S.R "Scheduling of Dataflow Graphs on Partial Reconfigurable Hardware in Xilinx PR Flow", International conference on advanced electronic systems,(ICAES), Sep. 21-23,2013
7. Ashish Mishra, Dhruv Vakharia, Anirban Jyoti Hati , Kota Solomon Raju, "Hardware Software Partitioning of Task Graph Using Genetic Algorithm ”, IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering (ICRAIE-2014), Jaipur, May 9-11, 2014. 

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