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List of Publications

Journal Papers:


1.       A. Mishra, M. Agrawal, A. R. Abhijit, K. S. Raju, ", Using Graph Isomorphism for Mapping of  Data flow Applications on Reconfigurable Computing  Systems ", Microprocessor and Microsystems  Journal, Elsevier (SCI Indexed).,, In press,

2.       A. Mishra, V. Vanga, Vani V., A. R. Asati and K. S. Raju, "Resource Estimation of programs for Reconfigurable Computing Systems", International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, pp. 30699-30712,Vol. 10, Number, 12, 2015 (Scopus indexed)

3.       A. Mishra, A. Sharma, P. Verma, A. R. Abhijit, K. S. Raju, "A Modular Approach to Random Task Graph Generation",  Indian Journal of Science and Technology. 2016 March; 9(8):61035 (Scopus indexed)

4.       A. Dubey, A. Mishra, S. Bhutada, "Comparative Study of CHStone Benchmarks on Xilinx Vivado High Level Synthesis Tool", International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 4, Issue 01, Jan., 2015.

5.       A. Mishra, K. P. Kedar, H. M. Shah, K. S. Raju "Implementing Quadratic Function with Resource constraints using Microblaze Soft-core in Xilinx EDK”, in IUP Journal of Telecommunication, Feb.  2015.

6.       A. Mishra, D. Dave, V. Mittal, K. S. Raju "Iterative Algorithms for Periodic Scheduling of Synchronous Data Flow Graphs” in The IUP Journal of Telecommunication”, pp. 15-22, Feb., 2015.

7.       A. Mishra, S. Kumar, J. Vasavada, K. S. Raju, "Optimized Implementation of AES on Leon3” in  Journal of VLSI Design Tools and Technology (JoVDTT).  Vol. 5, Issue 1, pp. 30-33, Feb., 2015.

8.       A. Mishra, R. Jimit, A. R. Asati, K.S. Raju, " Mapping and Partitioning of Task Graphs Using Kernighan-Lin/Fiduccia-Mattheyses Algorithm” , in International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied Sciences (IJETCAS), pp. 58-61, Feb., 2015.

9.       A. Mishra, A. Javed, K. Bhargava, K. Tanmane, H. M. Shah, "Design Flow Cycle and Simulation of Load Mover”, International Journal of VLSI and Embedded Systems, May, 2015.

Conferences papers:

1.      A. Mishra, M. Agarwal, K. S. Raju, " Hardware and Software Performance of Image Processing Applications on Reconfigurable Systems  ", IEEE INDICON, pp. 1-5, Dec17-20,2015.(Best Paper award)

2.      A. Mishra, Neha Girdhar and Nikita Krishnia," Multi-board kernel communication using socket programming for embedded applications", ICCS, 2015.(Scopus Indexed proceedings by AIP)

3.      A. Mishra, Nidhi Jayapalan, Harsha Rastogi, Tushar Agrawal,." Impact of Segmentation Distribution on Area and Delay in FPGA Routing Architectures" IEEE 3rd International Advance Computing Conference, Feb-22-23, 2013.

4.      A. Mishra, Hardik Mahasukh Shah, Lucky Sharan, Kota Solomon Raju," VHDL Implementation of FFT Algorithm Using Vedic Multiplier" Proceeding of Mobile and Embedded Technology International Conference (MECON), Jan-17-18-2013.

5.      A. Mishra, A.R. Asati Kota, S.R "Scheduling of Dataflow Graphs on Partial Reconfigurable Hardware in Xilinx PR Flow", IEEE International conference on Advanced Electronic Systems,(ICAES), Pilani, Sep. 21-23,2013.

6.      A. Mishra, Kritika garg, A.R. Asati, K. S. Raju." Hardware Software Co-design using profiling and clustering" IEEE International Conference on Communication, Information and Computing Technology (ICCICT), Oct-19-20, 2012.

7.      A. Mishra, S. Singh, Y.Kulkarni, P. Halliyar , K.S.Raju "Lossless Data Compression  using LZ77 and Huffman Algorithm using LEON3"NCVDES, IETE-Pilani-centre, CEERI, Oct 12-14,2011.

8.       Mohanty, M. Deb, D. Konidala, A. Mishra, A.; Kota, S.R." Framework for design with LEON3 system and testing with SHA-1 algorithm" IEEE International Conference on Communication and Industrial Application (ICCIA), pp. 1 - 4, Dec. 26-28, 2011.





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